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Imagine yourself in our sumptuous dresses carefully selected to make you shine on your wedding day.

Every detail is carefully thought out to reflect your personality and your beauty: hairstyle, makeup, jewelry...

A perfect harmony between tradition and modernity.

With Ma Petite Robe Rouge your evening becomes a fairy tale.

Ready to live this unique experience﹖

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The Zahra

Discover the perfect combination of tradition and modernity with our 'Zahra' Caftan, an exceptional piece that will captivate all eyes. Dyed in a subtle shade, this kaftan is a celebration of elegance with its delicate pearl and rhinestone inlays, creating a seductive play of light with every movement. The light veil softens the whole, bringing a touch of grace and fluidity, while the structured belt underlines the silhouette with refinement. Designed for modern women looking to tastefully blend contemporary luxury with traditional touches, 'Zahra' is more than a garment, it is a style statement that pays homage to exceptional craftsmanship. Perfect for high-end events or festive ceremonies, this caftan is a promise of brilliance and distinction.

The Assiya

Enhance your evening wardrobe with our Modern Gold Caftan, adorned with dazzling rhinestones and accented with a delicate veil. Each finely encrusted pearl captures the splendor of luxurious evenings, while the delicately crafted belt highlights a modern and refined silhouette. Ideal for haute couture events, this kaftan is an ode to modernity and glamor

The Ranya

The Royal Blue Dress, defined by its bold gold embroidery, is a centerpiece that combines modernity and tradition. With its richly colored fabric and adorned with sparkling rhinestones, this dress is designed for women who want a style that is both regal and contemporary. The elegant belt highlights the waist, adding an undeniable touch of elegance to this sophisticated creation

La Bellina

Awaken the senses with this Scarlet Red Dress, a true visual spectacle. The modern silhouette and rich color combine with beaded details to create a captivating effect. This dress is the perfect embodiment of passion and style, designed to make a statement at your event.

The Anaya

Embody elegance with our Nude Caftan, an exceptional piece that celebrates modernity with multi-colored embroidery and fine pearls. The structured belt and delicate veil add a dimension of grace and femininity. This kaftan, ideal for lavish celebrations, is a wearable work of art, offering a look that is both modern and timeless.

The Rayhana

Step into the light with our Winged Champagne Dress, a breathtaking Lebanese creation that combines the delicacy of rhinestones with the modernity of a majestic cape. With its delicately arranged pearls and soft color, this dress is synonymous with luxury and modern elegance, perfect for a magical wedding.


Brighten up every occasion with this Royal Blue Evening Dress, where modernity mixes with the splendor of tradition. This sumptuous gown features intricately applied gold embroidery and sparkling rhinestones that accentuate its deep color. The decorated belt, the central point of this creation, creates an elegant and fitted silhouette. Perfect for the most distinguished receptions, this piece embodies timeless luxury with a contemporary touch.

La Merina

Discover elegance reinvented with this Champagne Starry Evening Dress, where each pearl and rhinestone is placed with mastery to create a most captivating effect. This dress hugs the figure, highlighted by a fitted belt and enhanced by a cascade of romantic ruffles that add movement and grace. Ideal for prestigious events, it combines timeless glamor with contemporary design for a resolutely modern and sophisticated look.

The Zahira

Captivate attention with our Vibrant Pink Caftan, a creation that combines modernity with traditional radiance. The gold details meticulously applied to the rich pink fabric combine with bursts of turquoise for a striking visual effect. Pearls and rhinestones adorn this garment, giving it an aura of discreet luxury. The fitted gold belt highlights the silhouette with finesse, making this caftan a perfect piece for festivities where chic meets cheerful colors

The Sapphira

Let yourself be seduced by the timeless luxury of our Majestueux Karakou Dorée, a modern masterpiece designed to enhance your most precious moments. Gold embroidery and dazzling rhinestones come together to create a work of art, where every detail sparkles. The fitted jewel belt and sumptuous train complete this bold silhouette, making this dress an icon of contemporary elegance for the most noble occasions

The Azurya

Discover the Azurya, a dress that combines grandeur and shine. This dazzling masterpiece stands out with its bold palette of azure and caramel, enriched with crystal and shimmering pearls that draw captivating patterns on the translucent fabric. The voluminous cascading tulle train promises a presence that is sure to capture attention at your wedding.


Dare to be original with this Green and Gold Caftan, a sublime expression of modernity and style. The contrast of the dark veil and gold embellishments makes this an unforgettable piece, while the belt and pearls add a distinctive visual richness. Designed for prestigious events, this kaftan fuses vibrant color and sophistication for stunning effect.


Celebrate the fusion of classicism and contemporary brilliance with our Kabyle Embellie Dress, a couture treasure for your traditional moments. Encrusted with colorful embroidery and bright details, this piece echoes an artisanal heritage while complying with the demands of modern style. It is the perfect choice for a presence that is both royal and cultural.


Discover timeless elegance with our Sky Blue Caftan 'Azure Elegance', a centerpiece of refinement and sophistication. Its soothing hue is enhanced by golden ornaments and turquoise stones, evoking the richness of oriental palaces. The structured belt highlights the silhouette, while the transparent veil adds a touch of nobility. This caftan is a tribute to oriental beauty.

The Sultana

Enhance your event with our Golden Caftan, a true work of art. This luxurious kaftan captivates with its detailed embroidery, shimmering beads and sparkling rhinestones that catch the light with every movement. The fitted belt enriched with jewels enhances the silhouette, while the added veil offers a majestic look. Ideal for lavish ceremonies, ''is a celebration of modernity and traditional splendor


This sartorial masterpiece shines with its delicate pastel green fabric, embellished with meticulously crafted gold embroidery and punctuated with sparkles of rhinestones and pearls. The structured belt highlights the waist, bringing sophisticated definition to the silhouette. The flowing veil adds a touch of splendor, making 'La Sofia' the perfect choice for your wedding.

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