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The Zeynab

The Zeynab

Discover the “Zeynab” Golden Caftan, an adornment that pays homage to the hidden treasures of ancient palaces. This pure white kaftan is a symphony of luxury, with gold thread embroidery that intertwines to create designs worthy of a work of art. The golden details catch the light with every movement, while the matching veil stretches majestically, offering a spectacle of nobility and elegance. The coordinated belt, chiseled with finesse, cinches the silhouette, adding to the whole look of royal grandeur.

One size, sold with belt and veil.


Golden Caftan of the Sultanas, Gold Thread Embroidery, Pure White Caftan, Majestic Veil Caftan, Royal Luxury Caftan, Traditional Oriental Attire, Ancient Palace Elegance, Luxurious Ceremonial Caftan, Exquisite Golden Craftsmanship, Oriental Royal Grandeur.

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