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Express your innate elegance with our “Jasmine” Caftan, a creation that evokes the serene nuances of the morning sky. This garment of celestial grace, tinted with a delicate pastel blue, is majestically embellished with gold thread embroidery and turquoise accents, reminiscent of the ornaments of an oriental palace. The long veil, which floats lightly behind you, is edged with fine matching embroidery that completes the silhouette with a touch of mystery and elegance. Perfectly designed for the most sumptuous events, this caftan with refined details is a true ode to femininity and refinement.

One size, sold with belt and veil.

Unique piece

Azure Sky Caftan, Pastel Blue Elegance, Gold Embroidery Caftan, Elegant Long Veil, Oriental Turquoise Accents, Royal Palace Caftan, Celestial Haute Couture Outfit, Feminine Refinement Caftan, Mystery Embroidered Veil, Sumptuous Caftan Event.

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