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The Nasreen

The Nasreen

The embodiment of imperial elegance, our “Nasreen” Caftan reinvents the grandeur of court outfits with a touch of modernity. This ecru caftan is enhanced by sparkling gold embroidery, recalling the fine details of Moorish architecture. The ornate belt, the center of the ensemble, is a jewel in itself, encrusted with stones and gold filigree. Each golden thread woven into the dress and its veil tell a story of power and beauty, promising to captivate the assembled with its regal presence and unrivaled charm.

One size, sold with belt and veil.


Alhambra Light Caftan, Snow White Caftan, Luxury Gold Embroidery, Imperial Court Elegance, Caftan Belt Jewel, Moorish Architecture Inspired, Modern Royal Attire, Filigree Gold Craftsmanship, Moroccan Prestige Caftan, Traditional Imperial Beauty

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